Magickd Services, a Mumbai-based creative agency established in 2019, specializes in providing a wide range of services including graphic design and video editing. With a diverse portfolio of clients, ranging from small brands to big names, Magickd Services is known for its innovative approach and dedication to producing compelling visual content. In this case study, we delve into Magickd’s collaboration with multiple poets for the design of the book cover for “Rhapsode’s Opes.”


“Rhapsode’s Opes” is an anthology of poems authored by multiple writers, reflecting a tapestry of emotions, themes, and perspectives. The client approached Magickd Services with the objective of creating a book cover that not only captured the essence of the diverse poems but also resonated with readers on a visual level. The cover needed to be an artistic representation of the collective brilliance within the pages.


The primary challenge for Magickd Services was to visually convey the concept of multiple poets contributing to a single anthology while ensuring that the cover remained engaging and intriguing. It was crucial to avoid overwhelming the design with too many elements or compromising the overall aesthetic.


Magickd Services approached the project with a well-defined strategy that encompassed both creativity and collaboration:
Thorough Understanding:
The team at Magickd conducted a comprehensive review of the anthology to understand the themes, emotions, and common threads that connected the poems. This understanding formed the foundation of the design concept.
Drawing inspiration from the diversity of voices within the anthology, Magickd proposed a concept that symbolized unity in diversity. The idea was to create a visually captivating abstract design using time, colors, and elements representative of the poems’ themes.
Symbolism and Composition:
The design incorporated a abstract-like arrangement of time, representing a different poem. The symbols were carefully chosen to reflect the essence of the respective poems while contributing to the larger narrative of unity. The color palette was chosen to evoke emotions associated with poetry.
Typography and Title Treatment:
To maintain a harmonious balance, Magickd used a typography style that complemented the abstract design. The title “Rhapsode’s Opes” was rendered in an elegant yet bold font, serving as the focal point of the cover.


The execution phase involved meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each symbol contributed to the overall composition. Magickd’s graphic design expertise was leveraged to create a seamless and captivating abstract that encapsulated the anthology’s essence. The collaborative approach not only yielded a compelling design but also fostered a sense of ownership and pride among the contributing poets.
The final book cover for “Rhapsode’s Opes” successfully captured the spirit of collaboration and the diverse range of emotions conveyed by the poets. The design received acclaim for its innovation, symbolism, and ability to engage readers even before they delved into the poems.


The success of the “Rhapsode’s Opes” book cover design project exemplifies Magickd Services’ commitment to innovative design, collaboration, and meaningful storytelling. By seamlessly integrating diverse voices into a visually captivating abstract design, Magickd Services not only met the client’s objectives but also created a compelling representation of unity in diversity. This case study highlights Magickd’s ability to turn creative challenges into remarkable opportunities for artistic expression and effective communication.
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