In the competitive world of online blogging, branding plays a pivotal role in establishing a distinct identity and capturing the attention of the target audience. “Oreally Blogs,” a dynamic online platform for insightful content, recognized the need to enhance its brand image through a visually appealing and memorable logo. To address this challenge, “Magickd Services,” a Mumbai-based creative agency established in 2019, stepped in with its expertise in graphic design and a track record of collaborating with diverse clients, ranging from small brands to big names.


“Oreally Blogs” is an emerging player in the blogging landscape, focusing on delivering authentic and engaging content across various topics. The client’s aim was to create a brand identity that resonated with its audience and set it apart in a crowded digital arena.


Uniqueness: In a world filled with blogs and content platforms, crafting a logo that stood out from the crowd was a significant challenge.
Reflecting Brand Values: The logo needed to embody “Oreally Blogs'” values of authenticity, knowledge sharing, and relatability.
Versatility: The logo design had to be versatile enough to be used across different digital platforms and printed materials.


Magickd Services adopted a strategic and collaborative approach to tackling these challenges:
Research and Discovery:
The team conducted in-depth research into the blogging industry, analyzing trends, target audience preferences, and competitor logos. This research provided valuable insights into design directions that would resonate with “Oreally Blogs'” audience.
Conceptualization and Ideation:
Drawing inspiration from the client’s vision and research findings, the creative team brainstormed a range of concepts that encapsulated the essence of “Oreally Blogs.” Ideas were explored that combined symbols related to knowledge, authenticity, and blogging.
Design Iteration:
Several design iterations were created, each presenting a unique perspective on the brand. Typography, color palettes, and visual elements were carefully curated to reflect the brand’s values while maintaining a modern and timeless appeal.
Feedback and Collaboration:
The client was actively involved in the design process, providing feedback and insights that helped refine the logo designs further. This collaborative approach ensured that the final design would be a true representation of the client’s vision.
Versatility Testing:
The chosen logo designs were tested for versatility across different platforms, ensuring they maintained their impact and legibility in various sizes and contexts.


The finalized logo design for “Oreally Blogs” successfully addressed the challenges and met the client’s objectives:
The logo incorporates elements that symbolize knowledge and authenticity, aligning perfectly with the client’s brand values. The design captures the essence of insightful content and trustworthy information.
The chosen typography exudes a modern yet approachable feel, reflecting the balance “Oreally Blogs” seeks to achieve in its content.
Color Palette:
The carefully selected colors (black and white) evoke a sense of trust and reliability, enhancing the brand’s credibility and appeal.
The logo design seamlessly adapts to various digital and printed mediums, ensuring consistent branding across different touchpoints.


The logo design for “Oreally Blogs” by “Magickd Services” exemplifies how creative collaboration and strategic design thinking can transform a brand’s identity. The process, from research and conceptualization to final execution, led to a logo that resonates with the brand’s values and captures the essence of its offerings. Through this successful case study, Magickd Services demonstrates its commitment to delivering creative solutions that make a lasting impact in the competitive world of branding and design.
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