Make Your Move by Scott Zartman


Magickd, a Mumbai-based creative agency specializing in graphic design and video editing, had the privilege to collaborate with music artist Scott Zartman on his album “Make Your Move.” This case study delves into the process and approach taken by Magickd to conceptualize and design the album art that perfectly captured the essence of Scott Zartman’s music.


The primary objective was to create album art that visually encapsulated the mood, genre, and overall vibe of Scott Zartman’s music. The album was a collection of tracks that combined elements, conveying emotions ranging from introspection to optimism.


Initial Consultation: The project began with a detailed consultation with Scott Zartman. The team from Magickd discussed his vision, musical style, and any specific imagery or themes he had in mind for the album. This helped establish a creative direction.
Concept Development: Building upon the insights gathered from the consultation, Magickd’s design team brainstormed various conceptual ideas for the album art. The concepts aimed to reflect the album’s title “Make Your Move” and the emotional nuances of the music.
Moodboard Creation: The design team curated a mood board that incorporated elements like chess pieces, dancers, and abstract shapes to visually represent the album’s themes of decision-making and life transitions. This mood board served as a reference point for the design direction.
Drafting and Feedback: Several design drafts were created based on the chosen concept. These drafts included variations of color schemes, typography, and imagery. Scott Zartman provided feedback, helping refine the design elements further.
Visual Representation: The final design featured a juxtaposition of a chessboard with scattered chess pieces and dancers in the background. The chess motif symbolized strategic decision-making.
Typography and Branding: The album title “Make Your Move” was carefully integrated into the design using a custom typeface that harmonized with the overall aesthetic. The artist’s name was placed prominently yet elegantly, ensuring it stood out.


The finalized album art seamlessly captured the essence of Scott Zartman’s music. The chessboard and cityscape combination resonated with listeners as they connected the imagery with the album’s themes of choices and transitions. The album art garnered praise for its unique yet relatable visual representation.


Magickd’s collaboration with Scott Zartman on the “Make Your Move” album art design demonstrated the agency’s ability to translate musical concepts into visually striking designs. By understanding the artist’s vision and utilizing thoughtful design elements, Magickd successfully created an album cover that not only represented the music but also resonated with listeners on a deeper level.
This case study showcases how Magickd’s expertise in graphic design combined with their understanding of the client’s artistic vision led to the creation of a memorable and impactful album art for Scott Zartman’s “Make Your Move” music album.
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