Lakshya Publication is a well-known publisher in the education sector in India, providing study materials for competitive exams like JEE, NEET, UPSC, and more. The company aims to provide quality education material that helps students in achieving their career goals. To enhance the brand’s image and attract more customers, Lakshya Publication hired Magickd Services to design their book covers.


The objective of the project was to design book covers that could catch the attention of students and make them interested in purchasing the study material. The covers needed to reflect the quality of the content and convey the benefits of studying with Lakshya Publication.


Magickd Services started the project by analyzing the existing book covers of Lakshya Publication’s competitors to identify the trends in the market. They then conducted a survey among the target audience to understand their preferences in book cover design. Based on the insights gained from the research, the team developed a concept that would resonate with the audience and represent the brand.
The team at Magickd Services developed a design concept that featured bold typography and vibrant colors. The covers were designed to stand out on the shelves and catch the attention of students. The team used a combination of bright colors and bold typography to create a sense of urgency and importance.


The new book covers were a hit among students and teachers alike. The bold design and vibrant colors attracted the attention of students, and the graphical elements helped them quickly identify the subject matter of the book. The covers were also well-received by the education community, who appreciated the quality of the design and its ability to accurately reflect the content of the books.


The collaboration between Lakshya Publication and Magickd Services resulted in a successful project that met the objective of creating book covers that stood out and accurately reflected the content of the books. The new covers helped Lakshya Publication establish a stronger brand image and increase sales. This case study highlights the importance of investing in quality book cover design to create a strong brand identity and increase customer engagement.
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