International Takeover (ITO) is a radio show on CEO Radio, which is an affiliate of Sirius XM. The show is focused on promoting emerging artists from different parts of the world. The ITO team wanted to create a poster to promote the show and its mission. They hired Magickd Services, a design agency that specializes in creating visually striking designs.


The challenge was to create a poster that would capture the essence of the ITO show and its mission. The poster had to be visually appealing, unique, and memorable. The ITO team wanted the poster to reflect the multicultural nature of the show and its focus on promoting emerging artists from diverse backgrounds.


Magickd Services took a collaborative approach to designing the poster for ITO. They involved multiple artists in the design process, each bringing their unique perspective and artistic style. The team worked closely with the ITO team to understand their vision and requirements for the poster.
The final design featured a vibrant and colorful illustration that incorporated different elements from various cultures, including music instruments, landmarks, and symbols. The design had a dynamic and energetic feel, reflecting the show’s focus on emerging artists and their music.
The typography was bold and eye-catching, making it easy to read from a distance. The poster also included the show’s tagline, “Discovering the next global music sensation,” which reinforced the show’s mission.
The design was finalized after several iterations and feedback sessions with the ITO team. The final poster was delivered in various formats, including high-resolution print-ready files, social media-friendly versions, and web-optimized versions.


The final designs were well-received by ITO and its audience. The posters were displayed in various locations, including music venues, coffee shops, and record stores, generating interest and excitement about the show and its events. The posters also received positive feedback on social media, with many people sharing photos of themselves with the posters and expressing their excitement about the show.


The collaboration between ITO and Magickd Services was a success, resulting in a series of eye-catching and innovative posters that effectively conveyed the essence of the show and its music. The involvement of multiple artists with diverse skills and perspectives allowed for a range of creative ideas and approaches, resulting in a final product that was both unique and engaging.

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