FRUITGASM Ice Cream Parlor is a popular dessert destination in the city known for its unique and fresh fruit-based ice cream flavors. The owners approached Magickd Services to redesign their menu card to attract more customers and stand out in the competitive dessert market.


The challenge was to create a menu card that accurately reflected the unique and fresh character of FRUITGASM’s offerings while being visually appealing and easy to understand for customers. The menu card also had to be consistent with the brand’s image and showcase the variety of flavors and toppings offered.
Based on this information, we created a new design for the menu card that showcased the variety of fruit-based ice cream flavors and toppings offered at FRUITGASM. The menu card was designed with bright, eye-catching colors and clear, attractive images of the ice cream flavors to appeal to customers. The descriptions of the flavors and toppings were written in a playful, creative manner to match the brand’s personality and add to the overall customer experience.​​​​​​​

By working closely with the owners of FRUITGASM and conducting thorough market research, Magickd Services was able to create a menu card that accurately reflected the brand’s unique character and increased sales. The new menu card was a great success and helped FRUITGASM stand out in the competitive dessert market.


To create an updated and cohesive brand image for FRUITGASM Ice Cream Parlor, including the design of new signage and promotional materials, as well as a series of engaging and impactful social media posts.
Gather insights from the owners of FRUITGASM to understand their brand and vision for their new image. Create a new design concept for FRUITGASM that incorporates bright, eye-catching colors and playful imagery to accurately reflect the brand’s unique and fresh character
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