Escape With Me By Scott Zartman


In the fast-paced world of music, creating a distinct visual identity is paramount for artists seeking to capture their audience’s attention. Scott Zartman, a talented musician, recognized the importance of a compelling album art design to accompany his music. This case study highlights how Magickd Services, a Mumbai-based creative agency established in 2019, collaborated with Scott Zartman to craft a captivating music album art that resonated with his artistic vision and engaged his fans.


Scott Zartman, a dynamic and innovative artist, entrusted Magickd Services to design the album art for his upcoming music project. With a reputation for catering to a wide range of clients, from small brands to big names, Magickd Services was well-equipped to meet Scott Zartman’s creative needs.


Capturing Scott Zartman’s Aesthetic:
Scott Zartman’s music embodies a unique blend of genres and emotions. The challenge was to design an album cover that visually represented his sound while conveying the essence of his music.
Standing Out in a Saturated Market:
The music industry is flooded with new releases every day. To ensure Scott’s album art stood out, Magickd Services needed to create a design that would grab attention amidst the noise.


Collaborative Ideation:
The creative team at Magickd Services engaged in extensive brainstorming sessions with Scott Zartman. Through discussions about his musical influences, themes, and emotions behind the album, the team gained insights crucial to the design process.
Visual Storytelling:
Understanding that a picture can convey emotions more powerfully than words, Magickd Services conceptualized an album art design that told a visual story. This approach enabled listeners to connect with Scott’s music on a deeper level.
Unique Aesthetic Fusion:
To capture the diversity of Scott Zartman’s music, the team merged various artistic styles, ensuring the album art resonated with a wide range of music enthusiasts.


The collaborative effort between Magickd Services and Scott Zartman led to the creation of an album art that surpassed expectations. The visually captivating design resonated with both existing fans and new listeners, sparking curiosity about the upcoming music release.


The successful collaboration between Scott Zartman and Magickd Services showcases the agency’s prowess in translating musical narratives into captivating visual designs. The music album art design created by Magickd not only visually represented the album’s themes but also contributed to the overall identity of Scott Zartman’s musical journey. This case study serves as a testament to Magickd’s commitment to delivering exceptional graphic design solutions tailored to the unique needs of its clients.
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