Magickd Services is a Mumbai-based creative agency established in 2019, specializing in graphic design, video editing, short film production, and content creation. With a diverse portfolio of clients ranging from small brands to big names, Magickd has gained a reputation for delivering innovative and visually striking solutions that cater to various business needs.


Magickd Services identified a growing need among its clients to enhance their brand identity and make a memorable impression in the competitive market. Business cards, being a tangible representation of a brand, presented an opportunity to create a lasting impact through creative design and strategic branding.


The primary goal of the project was to design business cards that not only conveyed contact information but also reflected the essence of each client’s brand and values. The business cards needed to stand out, leaving a strong first impression and reinforcing the brand’s image.​​​​​​​


Magickd Services approached the challenge by adopting a collaborative and client-centric approach. The process involved the following key steps:
Client Consultation: The design team at Magickd initiated detailed consultations with each client. This step involved understanding the client’s industry, target audience, brand values, and visual preferences. Insights gained during this phase formed the foundation for the design direction.
Conceptualization: Leveraging their expertise in graphic design, the team brainstormed creative concepts that aligned with each client’s unique identity. Concepts explored typography, color schemes, imagery, and design elements that could translate effectively onto a small business card canvas.
Design Iteration: Magickd Services developed multiple design iterations for each client, presenting a range of options that catered to different tastes and preferences. Each design iteration was accompanied by explanations of how the visual elements tied back to the brand’s narrative.
Feedback and Refinement: Client feedback was gathered and incorporated iteratively into the designs. This collaborative feedback loop ensured that the final design would be a seamless reflection of the client’s vision while being infused with the creative touch of Magickd Services.


Through meticulous collaboration, creative ingenuity, and a strong commitment to brand representation, Magickd Services successfully demonstrated the power of innovative business card design in enhancing brand identity and leaving a lasting impression. The case study exemplifies how thoughtful design can be a potent tool for businesses seeking to stand out in a competitive landscape.​
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